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Kalin Nikolov, artist


For one of our projects, our agency was fortunate to work with Kalin - an established Bulgarian artist, art historian, curator at the Bulgarian National Art Gallery, illustrator with numerous individual exhibits in Bulgaria and Europe. Kalin’s reading of the project and his hyperrealistic style added an additional layer of depth to our collection of artistic expressions.


Melina-Elina Bondokova, illustrator


After completing her degree in Animation in Sofia, Bulgaria, Melina-Elina has illustrated numerous books and comics in her native Bulgaria and abroad.. Her impressive portfolio also includes variety of short animated movies with a participation in several European film festivals.. She is one of the founders of the Pavilion Creative studio.


Gabrielle Del Pozzo Finkel, artist


Gabrielle shares her life-long passion for drawing, coloring, and creating unique designs. A Brooklyn native, Gabrielle has traveled the world as a daughter of a travel agent and has had a career in travel and hospitality which has taken her around the country.

The simple pleasure of drawing has helped Gabrielle become mindful and calm in a chaotic world! As a result, her collection of drawings grew bigger, and we were fortunate to have thousands to choose from for this coloring book.

Gabrielle continues to travel the world and draw and plans to share more exciting original designs. Stay tuned!

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Jessica Kendall-Bar, illustrator


Jessica is currently a PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at UC Santa Cruz, where she studies the neurobiology of marine mammals. At the interface of science and art, her illustrations include not only accurate details of the story’s characters but also show their deep feelings and expressions. Jessica’s work creatively communicates with diverse readers her message to love, appreciate, and protect the underwater world.

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Angel Dimitrov, designer


With his training in Computer Media Technologies and his experience working on numerous print and web. projects, Angel is a great addition to our team. He has  used licensed models from  Daz3D Marketplace to create some of our book characters..

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