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Why You Should Hire a Book Publishing Agency

Are you an aspiring author who dreams about seeing your work in print? Do you want your story to come to life with vivid, colorful illustrations? Or perhaps you want to translate your book into another language for global audiences to enjoy?

The journey to publication can be a daunting process, but fear not! A professional publishing agency can give you the guidance and support you need. Publishing companies and services provide authors with the expertise and resources to transform manuscripts into high-quality, marketable books.


Why work with a publishing agency?

A professional publishing agency can help unlock your full potential as an author. From experienced to emerging writers, these services offer many benefits, such as expert editing and proofreading, eye-catching cover design, effective marketing strategies, and more!

Save yourself the hassle of self-publishing - by entrusting your book to professionals, you can focus on honing your craft and creating more compelling stories, knowing that the business side of publishing is being taken care of by experts.

Ultimately a publishing agency acts as a partner and guide, leveraging their industry experience to help authors navigate the complex world of book publishing. Help your book reach its potential with professional book publishing services!

What are the main services of a publishing agency?

Professional publishing services ensure that your work is polished, professional, and ready to captivate readers.

  • Book Editing: Even the most skilled writers can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to catch any errors or offer feedback to help improve the elements of the story. At ABV Publishing Agency, professional book editing services include consultation, proofreading, and feedback.

  • Book Design: In addition to editing, professional publishing services also provide assistance with book design and artwork. With the expertise of graphic designers and illustrators, book illustration and design services can craft amazing visuals to complement your story and help grab your reader’s attention.

  • Book Marketing: Working with a professional publishing agency can help plan a strategy for marketing and promotion. With knowledge and networks, professional publishing services can help authors reach a wider audience and increase their chances of success.

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What are additional services of publishing agencies?

In addition to standard publishing, book publishing agencies offer a range of additional services to enhance an author's publishing experience. These services can further complete the book and help with more effective marketing. At ABV Publishing, additional services include:

  • Book Translation Services: Appeal to international audiences with book translations. A publishing agency can translate and then help publish the final version. By translating your book into another language, more people will be able to read your story!

  • Audiobook Production Services: Audiobooks are becoming popular in the book industry. Publishing companies help authors produce high-quality audiobook versions of their books to tap into the growing audiobook market and reach listeners who prefer audio formats.

  • Book Movie Scripts: If you’re looking to adapt your book into a movie, you’ll need a script that reflects your story properly. ABV provides professional movie scripts and associated consulting.

By taking advantage of these additional services, authors can further enhance their publishing experience and increase their chances of success.

Get your book published with AzBukiVeri (ABV) Publishing Agency

Choosing professional book publishing services can ensure your book stands out amongst the rest. From top-notch editing and design to translation and audiobooks, professional publishing services offer a range of benefits that can take an author's career to new heights.

AzBukiVeri (ABV) Publishing Agency specializes in all the above services to successfully publish children’s and young adult books. Sign up for a free 15 minute publishing consultation with ABV Publishing here!

If you're an aspiring author with a book at any stage of writing and looking for a publisher, please feel free to contact us! Send an email to to get started.

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