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A to Z
Space Adventures
Cover of A to Z Animal Antics Audiobook

A to Z Animal Antics

Have you ever wondered what Aardvarks and Zebras both worry about?  (Hint : it’s the same animal!) Have you ever asked yourself what Hippos and Dolphins share?  (Hint: it’s a name we use when we find more than of them together!) D0 you know what a Xenops is? Does it have fur or feathers? Do you know where Lions and Tigers and Bears live? Is it where it’s hot or cold?   


If you want to know the answers to all these questions (and many more!), then you’ll want to listen to this cheerful narration of A to Z Animal Antics.  It’s a rhyming zoo with 26 animals (one for each letter) that you will enjoy learning more about.


Available as:                              Alphabet poetry

  • Audio                                               Age: 5-12

                                                                       Grade level: K-6

Letters three Ebook covers compressed_edited.png

Great-Grandma Mittie's Letters:

The Space Adventures of Dara, Vesko, and Borko (Parts 1, 2, and 3)

in Part 1 of the letter series, you will enjoy a journey on a soft cloud, before learning many interesting facts about the stars, galaxies, and constellations.


In Part 2, we will pretend to be atoms and rays of light and we will talk about gravity and then, to prepare ourselves for our adventures in space, we will learn all about our spaceship!

In part 3, we will explore the family of our Sun, also called the solar family or the solar system. We will visit the Sun and will discuss many cool things about one of the Sun‘s children, the third planet from the Sun, our planet Earth.

Available as:                                               Science Fiction

  • E-books                                                     Age: 5-12+

  • Audio                                                        Grade level: K-6

  • Paperbacks                                              Illustrated

Castor Oil
Cover of The Castor Oil Rig Tales Audio Book

The Castor Oil Rig Tales

The marine creatures had found sanctuary at the base of the old Gulf of Mexico oil rig. They thought they were safe from the destructive presence of man. But now humans had discovered their new haven. Would they be forced to flee again? Or could they band together and fight to save their new home?

Available as:                                              Sea Adventures Fiction

  • E-book                                                     Age: 7-12

  • Audio                                                      Grade level: 1-6

  • Paperback                                              Illustrated

Grassy page compressed.jpg

The Grasshopper and the Owl

This story takes us to the natural habitat of the Grasshopper whose courage and intelligence help him outsmart the Owl and escape to safety. 

Available as:                                           Fiction

  • E-book                                                 Age: 3-5                                                

  • Paperback                                           Grade level: Pre-K

  • Book trailer                                         Illustrated

The medals
Cover of Born for Medals

Born for Medals

How I was getting ready for the top

This book was based on George’s journal, but the story was retold by using his son’s voice, the voice of an established athlete and a world champion. By simplifying events and the language of George’s journal and illustrating it with colorful art, we created a children’s book appropriate for 5-to 8-year-olds. Parents who raise busy children can read this book with the young readers and can help them channel the extra energy for reaching the top of their natural development.

Available as:                                           Nonfiction

  • E-book                                                 Age: 5-8

  • Paperback                                           Grade level: K-2                                                                                                       Illustrated                                                                                                                                       

Cover of City Hearts

City Hearts

In the heart of a city, there lived a boy that everyone ignored and a monument that no one seemed to notice—the city had no feelings for either of them…but then, the miracle of friendship happened.
This is a story of hope. A story of change—in hearts, in lonely lives, and in the world around us. A story about the power of hearts that care.

Available as:                                           Fiction

City Hearts
Cover of Let's Visit Our One-World Family

Let's Visit our One-World Family

In times when traveling is not an option, family members of all ages can visit each other like our one-world family did using this book. Through our hand-drawn maps, they traveled by zooming in and out at four levels, the globe, the continents, specific countries and US states, and the cities and towns of the world. This family's special places are visualized on the globe as an example for families to create their own geography that is meaningful and close to own experiences. To make your own, please email us with details and timeline at

Available as:                                           Nonfiction

  • Paperback                                          Age: 3+                                                                                                                    Grade level: Pre-K+

                                                                    Hand-drawn Maps

Cover of Buddy the Frog

Buddy the Frog

and his Special Present

This is a story of a little frog called Buddy. Buddy is a brave traveler. On the way to his sister's wedding,  he encounters creatures of the forest, the meadow, and the marshes. During his adventures, Buddy always carries a hankie, a special gift from Grandpa Frog. When needed, the hankie always comes handy.

Available as:                                               Fiction

                                                                         Age: 5-9

  • Paperback                                                Grade level: K-3                                                                                                      Illustrated

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