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About Us
ABV publishing founder and her dog

Our Story

What was a dream became a reality

We started as a family-based publishing agency, mainly focused on new and unpublished authors. As we assisted these authors with book editing and beyond, our network of creative, motivated and talented writers and artists continued to grow, which helped the agency to grow as well.

Our Logo

Created by illustrator Melina-Elina Bondakova

“AzBuki” is the first part of a 9th century Bulgarian alphabet, Hristova said — the counterpart to the American “alpha beta” which begins the alphabet. Like children learn ABCs in America, AzBukiVedi, with a “d,” means “to start something new” in Russian Cyrillic, and ABV is the start of the alphabet. Hristova said the translation of “AzBukiVedi” also emphasizes the importance of literacy, though she changed it to “AzBukiVeri” because “Buki” relates to books and veri means truth.

ABV Logo in Glagolica
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