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     The Castor Oil Rig Tales is a collection of twelve stories, told through the eyes of the creatures who live there. Each story narrates a character’s unique journey to reach the Rig. Young corals leave a dying reef to find a new home. A Cajun shrimp guides his extended family through the Dead Zone in search of a better life. A small snail, who runs the general store, is always happy and helpful but hides a tragic incident in his past. An orphaned turtle finds a home; an injured barracuda finds understanding. And many others find the refuge they seek at the abandoned rig. Threaded throughout the tales is the ominous presence of the “thin-finned fish”, human divers that chance upon their home. How the residents pull together and use their individual talents to face the threat, ultimately determines the fate of Castor Oil Rig.

The Castor Oil Rig Tales

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