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The Last Prophecy of Baba Vanga. Visitors from the Planet Vamtim

This is an illustrated, space action romance with a spiritual twist. The action takes place in the year 2029 when 29-year-old Maya Najour, NASA’s first female Christian-Muslim astronaut, is given command of the NAUTILUS, the successor to the International Space Station. On its maiden mission, the station encounters “the mother of all meteor storms” from Comet Pavlova 2.​

Available as:                      SciFi action romance

  •  E-book                        Age 18 - 30+

  •   Print                          Illustrated

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Sunbrook Mansion. Bed and Breakfast of Romance, Elegance, and Mystery

Tiffany and Mike DuPree purchase a historical mansion and open Sunbrook Mansion Bed and Breakfast.   Tiffany is enchanted by mansion’s Victorian architecture, the immense rooms filled with hidden nooks and crannies, and the mysterious fragrance of jasmine.  Is this scent only in her mind or is there magic within these four walls? The place adds more romance to DuPree’s  marriage, but the large house begins to deplete their savings. Will the financial stress cause Tiffany and Mike to grow apart?  Will they lose Sunbrook?

Available as:                       Original art cover

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Time for ME Time. Color Me out of Chaos

This is a coloring book for teens and adults who are ready to unleash their creativity within. The book consists of 20 original designs ranging from abstracts to florals. Several sample mirror images are also included as models for endless color schemes, from all neon to all pastel, glitter and metallic colors; from calming yellows to passionate purple and tropical oranges.


This coloring book was specifically created for artists of every skill level who can carve some ME time for themselves and focus on the present moment of creating patterns, choosing colors, and drawing—away from the stubborn, negative, or intrusive thoughts imposed by the hectic stresses of everyday life.

Available as:                  Original art designs

  • Print                         Age: 15-30+

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From Season to Season: Artistic Expressions

This is a collection of poetry written for each month of the year - from January to December, as it follows the heroine  throughout the year full of expectations, love, falls, and wonders. The original art created by renown Eastern European artist  was based on the poetry and reflects the feelings and hopes that are  deeply human and cross the boarders of Bulgaria and its language, the native language of the first author. The poetry collection is an experimental edition where the translator served as a consultant of the English poetry but also as an interpreter and creator of own verses based on the original work. Blank pages are left in the print edition for the reader to interpret and add own thoughts and art as the seasons pass one after another.

Available as:                     Original art