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  • Manuscript Submissions | ABV Publishing

    Authors and agents wishing to submit completed manuscripts for consideration by ABV Publishing may complete the below form. We will acknowledge receipt of a proposal within two weeks and a decision on offering a contract within two months. Please submit the following Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Charity & Organization Partners | ABV Publishing

    East to East Exchange of Stories ABV Pu blishing We support Association for Treatment of COVID-19 with Convalescent Plasma is a Bulgarian non-governmental civil initiative for public benefit, established in July 2020. The association is a full member of the National Patient Organization and it has been working since its inception to popularize this method of treating COVID-19 and encourage those who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma. We support Strawberry Fields Inc. provides comprehensive services and supports for people with disabilities and their families. The organization offers a continuum of services, enhancing the lives of individuals and families with developmental delays, intellectual disabilities, and mental illness. We support Brooklyn Book Bodega provides access to and ownership of books, builds community, and creates a passion for learning through free events and literacy-based community programming. The mission of the organization is to increase the number of 100+ book homes for kids 0-18 in NYC.

  • Our Authors | ABV Publishing

    Sue Partenheimer, writer ABOUT Sue After a forty-three year successful career as a medical technologist at the Altoona Hospital laboratory, Sue enters the world of fiction writing with a big wave of powerful stories about little marine conservationists who are busy taking care of the ocean and of each other. Sue currently lives in Pennsylvania with her furry friends, both domestic and wild, who are a constant source of tales and inspiration. She continues to write and share new stories with the Altoona Writers Guild. In this video , Sue shares how the sea creatures from The Castor Oil Rig Tales have helped her stay creative during the 2020 pandemic. Robert Brock Pronko, writer ABOUT Robert Robert brings over two decades of experience as a journalist, three years of teaching courses on human space exploration for the NASA Space Grant Consortium, and lifelong battle scars from loves lost to bear on his first novel.. Rada Alexandrova, writer-contributor ABOUT Rada Rada brings to our team the experiences of a millennial newcomer to the U.S. and stories from her childhood of mysteries, prophecies, and Eastern European tales. Michael Bourgo, writer ABOUT Michael Michael started out to be a history teacher but ended up spending 34 years at IBM in sales and customer service. He began writing as a casual hobby some thirty years ago, but since retirement it has become a vocation that he pursues on a daily basis. Michael has worked with us on several projects. He published his first audio book A to Z Animal Antics, a collection of poetry for children. Also, as a three-time winner of the Pennsylvania state Grand Prize poetry contest, Michael was invited to further share his passion for poetry in an experimental anthology for which he not only reviewed and guided the English translation but generously contributed to the collection as well. In this video Michael shares his experiences working with us. More of Michael's work can be found at: ​ Mitka Angelova, writer ABOUT Mitka Mitka has worked as a science teacher, a scientist in the field of applied nuclear physics, and as a university instructor in Sofia, Bulgaria. Throughout her career, Mittie has passionately involved her students in fun learning activities. Until recently Mittie was involved in consulting for the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences of Bulgaria. At age of 88, she lives in Sofia and enjoys playing with her great-grandchildren. Pavlina Michailova, writer ABOUT Pavlina Our debut poet is a well-known Bulgarian journalist, author, environmentalist, doctor, passionate hiker. A big nature lover, Pavlina uses Saturdays to climb the summit of Vitosha Mountain, ascend that can be challenging even for seasoned mountaineers. Only there, alone, she finds what had been lost over the week and loses what had been needless. Or writes a poem or two. In this anthology, Pavlina shares some of her poems as created up there, one season after another. Namrata Agarwal, writer ABOUT Namrata Namrata Agarwal is a children’s book writer. She has written picture books - Misha series and The Grasshopper and the Owl. She has also written for children’s magazines. Her debut book was awarded Purple DragonFly award. Visit Namrata's website: Also, co nnect with her via Twitter @namrataagarwal and in LinkedIn at Cynthia Taylor Billotte, writer ABOUT Cynthia With a mastery of an Altoona Writer’s Guild member and expertise of a Titanic memorabilia collector, our debut author lures us to the enchanted world of Sunbrook Mansion Bed and Breakfast and takes time to unveil its elegance and beauty, its breakfast smells and mysterious jasmine fragrance. Her style is calm and soothing even when trouble and deep secrets are unfolding. Her main characters are everyday people with big dreams and big hearts. Slavy Stoev, author ABOUT Slavy Slavy is a child psychologist who uses his writing as a medium to promote children's personal development. Through his books, Slavy talks to children about important things that happen in and around them. His greatest reward as an author is when parents tell him how the texts have helped their child discover something important and valuable in her life. His silent book City Hearts, illustrated by our longtime contributor Melina-Elina Bondokova, emphasizes the significance of one's ability to connect, understand, and accept. All of Slavy's books can be found here: : Contact form If you're an aspiring author with a book at any stage of writing, looking for a publisher, please feel free to contact us: How can we help you? Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Our Audio Books | ABV Publishing

    A to Z Rhyming Zoo Age: 5-12 Grade level: K-6 Also available here Space Adventures in 4 Parts Age: 5-12+ Grade level: K-6 Parts 1-3 available here Our Audio Books Bed and Breakfast of Romance, Elegance, and Mystery Age: 18+ Available here Environmental Tales from the Sea Age: 7-12 Grade level: 1-6 Available here SciFi romance with a spiritual twist Age: 18-30+ Available here

  • What We Do | ABV Publishing | Book Editing & Publishing

    East to East Exchange of Stories ABV Publishing We consult authors, edit their work, and publish polished products. Technology can be overwhelming at times. With our background in online and adult education, we will guide you to embrace technology to meet your publishing needs. Publishing consultation 15 min Free Book It

  • ABV Publishing | Online Book Consulting Services

    ABV Publishing & Literary Agency East to East Exchange of Stories Home About Us Our Books Audio Authors Contact Us Manuscript Submissions More ABV Publishing is a full-service agency publishing new works of fiction and non-fiction from authors in Eastern Europe and the Eastern United States. Our full name and logo are derived from “AzBukiVedi”, the three first letters of an old Bulgarian alphabet. Based in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania and founded by Bulgarian native Adelina Hristova, our publishing house bridges the gap between East and East by publishing books for readers interested in stories that are inspired by life and culture in our creators' and Adelina’s shared worlds‒ an ocean apart but only a book away. A to Z Animal Antics Explore what A to Z BOOK is about We Recommend Today, Hristova runs AzBukiVeri, an independent publishing company in State College she founded in January 2017. Gabrielle Barone, CENTRE DAILY TIMES In the Press Education alumna's publishing company helping to make knowledge more accessible Owner of AzBukiVeri Publishing Agency finds resources at Eric J. Barron Innovation Hub that help further mission of providing literacy for all. Invent Penn State, PENN STATE NEWS In The Press The Castor Oil Rig Tales - from GoodReads and Amazon I recently completed reading Castor Oil Rig Tales to my 6 1/2 year old grandson. It was a wonderful experience reading him a chapter each day and then discussing the new sea creatures from that chapter. We even picked up a few French words and looked up their meanings. The book was a wonderful children’s book but it was enjoyable to me as well. Starting with the oil spill causing the sea creatures to find a new home to giving multiple examples of how the environment impacts the fish population was inspiring. From a turtle getting stuck in an oil slick to a sea horse being caught by a plastic from a six pack to a barracuda getting a fish hook stuck in his mouth, kids can learn the devastation resulting from people being careless on land and sea. There were also multiple examples of bullying and teaching kids to get along with kids with differences. These may have been getting along with different species but children are smart enough to recognize that this transfers to them getting along with friends of different races or ethnicity. I do believe this would be a great book to read for middle school science classes as well as for fun! The stories are just wonderful and there is richness with the characters and great exploration of our sea creatures. I especially enjoyed the underlying theme of helping others resulting in making your life more meaningful. This truly was a wonderful book for children as well as young adults. And A great addition to any child's book collection! Younger kids will love the beautiful illustrations by marine scientist Jessica, and older ones will enjoy reading Sue's charming tale about nature's reconquest of an abandoned oil rig. Along the way, they will learn how underwater creatures struggle to overcome the obstacles humans throw their way, and even pick up a few Cajun French phrases. Highly recommended! Time for ME Time. Color Me Out of Chaos - reviews from Amazon I bought two copies of this book for Christmas presents: one for me, and one for a friend. I love it! I have purchased other coloring books in the past thinking that mindful coloring would ease my anxiety, but often the designs are overly complicated and just stress me out more, because they make me think I will never finish them! Time for ME Time is perfect. The artist gives you ideas on one page and lets you use your colorful imagination on the next page. Just what I need. And I can use fancy pens, pencils, or crayons or a simple #2 pencil on the ones she has started for me! The charities this book benefits are so worthy - that sealed the deal.I gave several to my brother and residents of his group home for developmentally disabled adults, and everyone loved them! Somehow these drawings struck a chord with everyone - even folks who rarely speak or are completely non-verbal responded enthusiastically and drew happily for ages - something that doesn't usually happen. I think this book is magical, and I plan to buy more of them to spread the magic. Love! And Art feeds my soul. Looking at it. Appreciating the skill and abilities of others. At times just admiring how images are laid out on canvas or a photograph. As a career IT person, Art gets me out of my head and into a space of creativity. I love this coloring book. Each page gives me great ideas for my own creative insights. Thanks, Gabrielle. For this space to create. Contact us Contact Email us at: And sign up to be the first to know about new novels, events and much more! Subscribe Now

  • Children's Books | ABV Publishing

    Children's Books A to Z Space Adventures A to Z Animal Antics Have you ever wondered what Aardvarks and Zebras both worry about? (Hint : it’s the same animal!) Have you ever asked yourself what Hippos and Dolphins share? (Hint: it’s a name we use when we find more than of them together!) D0 you know what a Xenops is? Does it have fur or feathers? Do you know where Lions and Tigers and Bears live? Is it where it’s hot or cold? If you want to know the answers to all these questions (and many more!), then you’ll want to listen to this cheerful narration of A to Z Animal Antics. It’s a rhyming zoo with 26 animals (one for each letter) that you will enjoy learning more about. Available as: Alphabet poetry Audio Age: 5-12 Grade level: K-6 ​ Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads Great-Grandma Mittie's Letters: The Space Adventures of Dara, Vesko, and Borko (Parts 1, 2, and 3) in Part 1 of the letter series, you will enjoy a journey on a soft cloud, before learning many interesting facts about the stars, galaxies, and constellations. In Part 2, we will pretend to be atoms and rays of light and we will talk about gravity and then, to prepare ourselves for our adventures in space, we will learn all about our spaceship! ​ In part 3, we will explore the family of our Sun, also called the solar family or the solar system. We will visit the Sun and will discuss many cool things about one of the Sun‘s children, the third planet from the Sun, our planet Earth. ​ Available as: Science Fiction E-books Age: 5-12+ Audio Grade level: K-6 Paperbacks Illustrated Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads Castor Oil The Castor Oil Rig Tales The marine creatures had found sanctuary at the base of the old Gulf of Mexico oil rig. They thought they were safe from the destructive presence of man. But now humans had discovered their new haven. Would they be forced to flee again? Or could they band together and fight to save their new home? ​ ​ ​ Available as: Sea Adventures Fiction E-book Age: 7-12 Audio Grade level: 1-6 Paperback Illustrated Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads Grassy ​ The Grasshopper and the Owl This story takes us to the natural habitat of the Grasshopper whose courage and intelligence help him outsmart the Owl and escape to safety. ​ ​ Available as: Fiction E-book Age: 3-5 Paperback Grade level: Pre-K Book trailer Illustrated ​ ​ Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads The medals Born for Medals How I was getting ready for the top This book was based on George’s journal, but the story was retold by using his son’s voice, the voice of an established athlete and a world champion. By simplifying events and the language of George’s journal and illustrating it with colorful art, we created a children’s book appropriate for 5-to 8-year-olds. Parents who raise busy children can read this book with the young readers and can help them channel the extra energy for reaching the top of their natural development. ​ Available as: Nonfiction E-book Age: 5-8 Paperback Grade level: K-2 Illustrated Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads Geography City Hearts ​ In the heart of a city, there lived a boy that everyone ignored and a monument that no one seemed to notice—the city had no feelings for either of them…but then, the miracle of friendship happened. This is a story of hope. A story of change—in hearts, in lonely lives, and in the world around us. A story about the power of hearts that care. ​ Available as: Fiction E-book Age: 5+ Paperback Grade level: K+ Book trailer Illustrated silent book Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads City Hearts Let's Visit our One-World Family In times when traveling is not an option, family members of all ages can visit each other like our one-world family did using this book. Through our hand-drawn maps, they traveled by zooming in and out at four levels, the globe, the continents, specific countries and US states, and the cities and towns of the world. This family's special places are visualized on the globe as an example for families to create their own geography that is meaningful and close to own experiences. To make your own, please email us with details and timeline at ​ Available as: Nonfiction Paperback Age: 3+ Grade level: Pre-K+ Hand-drawn Maps Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads Buddy Buddy the Frog and his Special Present ​ This is a story of a little frog called Buddy. Buddy is a brave traveler. On the way to his sister's wedding, he encounters creatures of the forest, the meadow, and the marshes. During his adventures, Buddy always carries a hankie, a special gift from Grandpa Frog. When needed, the hankie always comes handy. ​ Available as: Fiction Age: 5-9 Paperback Grade level: K-3 Illustrated Buy Now Rate this book on Goodreads

  • Our Publishing Agency | ABV Publishing

    About Us Our Logo Created by the Bulgarian illustrator Melina-Elina Bondakova Our full name and logo are derived from “AzBukiVedi”, the three first letters of an old Bulgarian alphabet. The letters “ABV” in Bulgaria can be thought of as equivalent to “ABC” in America. Just as children learn their ABCs in America, ABV is the start of the alphabet in Bulgaria. “AzBukiVedi” means “to start something new.” Adding the twist of a well-substituted letter “r”, the name “AzBukiVeri” plays on a Bulgarian expression that emphasizes the importance of literacy, relates to books, and implies truth (in Latin) while blending language and tradition from both America and Bulgaria—Adelina’s passion and the mission of ABV Publishing. Our Story What was a dream became a reality We started as a family-based publishing agency, mainly focused on new and unpublished authors from Easter Europe and the Eastern United States. As we assisted these authors with book editing and beyond, our network of creative, motivated and talented writers and artists continued to grow, which helped the agency to grow as well. Our Team Melina-Elina Bondokova, illustrator ​ ABOUT Melina After completing her degree in Animation in Sofia, Bulgaria, Melina-Elina has illustrated numerous books and comics in her native Bulgaria and abroad.. Her impressive portfolio also includes variety of short animated movies with a participation in several European film festivals.. She is one of the founders of the Pavilion Creative studio. Jessica Kendall-Bar, illustrator ABOUT Jessica Jessica is currently a PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at UC Santa Cruz, where she studies the neurobiology of marine mammals. At the interface of science and art, her illustrations include not only accurate details of the story’s characters but also show their deep feelings and expressions. Jessica’s work creatively communicates with diverse readers her message to love, appreciate, and protect the underwater world. Gabrielle Del Pozzo Finkel, artist ABOUT Gabrielle Gabrielle shares her life-long passion for drawing, coloring, and creating unique designs. A Brooklyn native, Gabrielle has traveled the world as a daughter of a travel agent and has had a career in travel and hospitality which has taken her around the country. The simple pleasure of drawing has helped Gabrielle become mindful and calm in a chaotic world! As a result, her collection of drawings grew bigger, and we were fortunate to have thousands to choose from for this coloring book. Gabrielle continues to travel the world and draw and plans to share more exciting original designs. Stay tuned! Kalin Nikolov, artist ABOUT Kalin For one of our projects, our agency was fortunate to work with Kalin - an established Bulgarian artist, art historian, curator at the Bulgarian National Art Gallery, illustrator with numerous individual exhibits in Bulgaria and Europe. Kalin’s reading of the project and his hyperrealistic style added an additional layer of depth to our collection of artistic expressions. Angel Dimitrov, graphic designer ABOUT Angel With his training in Computer Media Technologies and his experience working on numerous print and web. projects, Angel is a great addition to our team. He has used licensed models from Daz3D Marketplace to create some of our book characters.. Joshua B. Smith, editor ​ ABOUT Joshua Joshua holds a Ph.D. in English from the Pennsylvania State University, where he specialized in early modern drama and object-oriented ontology. During his time there, he also began editing on the side, and he has been taking on projects ever since. His love of the language, for finding the right word and the proper rhythm of a sentence, has led him to edit pieces from dissertation chapters to Trauma-Informed Schools (a 2019 book published by Springer) to the rules of a Belgian boardgame. Joshua has been working with AzBukiVeri since early 2019 and can be reached at . Adelina Hristova, ABV founder and owner ABOUT Adelina My family of four moved from Bulgaria to this continent 28 years ago, first to Alberta, Canada, where our 5th family member was born, then to Moscow, Idaho, and finally, 16 years ago - to State College, PA. While my partner of 42 years Alex was working as a researcher and a professor in Bulgaria, Canada and in the US, I was raising the family, working as a teacher and volunteer, and taking graduate classes. I have master degrees in TESL and in Teaching and Translating Russian Language and Literature and a PhD in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education with emphasis on online and mobile learning. I defended my doctoral dissertation at PennState on Romani women's informal mobile learning in 2016 and started my online publishing agency in 2017. Joshua Schwartz, CMO Consultant ABOUT Joshua As a 13-year veteran of the book publishing industry, Josh has worked with every Big-5 trade publisher, dozens of major independent publishers, and thousands of authors within virtually every component of the book publishing supply chain (e.g. editorial, cover design, composition, conversion, printing, distribution, retail, marketing, publicity). In 2017, Josh has founded and continues to lead Pubvendo, a digital marketing agency for book publishers and authors. In the fall of 2023, he joined our team as the ABV's Publishing Fractional CMO Consultant. Stephanie Barton-Farcas voice actor ABOUT Stephanie Stephanie Barton-Farcas is an actress, author and teacher. Her audiobook work includes the "Black cat Charlie" series of childrens books, "Make Oz Great Again: Correctly Political tales and her own books, :Acting & Auditioning for the 21st Century: Tips, Trends and Techniques for Digital and New Media: and "Disability & Theater: A Practical Manual for Inclusion in the Arts" as well as many others, both fiction and non-fiction. She is delighted to continue this narration journey with the Great-Grandma Mittie's Letters book series. Chris Snee, voice actor ABOUT Chris Chris has been behind a microphone in some capacity since 2000, starting in radio and later working his way into audiobooks and the world of commercial and corporate voiceover. He has narrated dozens of books ranging from memoirs to non-fiction to young adult and children's literature. When he's not recording, he's reading to his sons, taking in a sporting event, or enjoying all that the outdoors have to offer in the Pacific Northwest. You can see what Chris has been up to lately at: Naomi Rose-Mock voice actor ABOUT Naomi Naomi Rose-Mock is delighted to have had the opportunity to work on this fabulous project. Rose-Mock has narrated over 45 audiobooks in the last year. Prior to Covid 19 changing the world’s landscape, she was a veteran theatre director of over 100 shows, and worked as an Acting and Dialect coach with her studio of talented students. Audiobook narration has become a new passion, combining her loves of reading and performing; and she is grateful to have found a new career.

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    Coming Soon... ​ Space Letters Part 4 Wisdom from the Past Dissertations

  • Our Books for Children, Teens, & Adults | ABV Publishing

    Our Books Browse through our published and soon to be released titles! Children's Books A to Z rhyming Zoo Space Adventures - Parts 1, 2, and 3 Environmental Tales from the Sea The Brave Grassy Sport Biography One-World Family Geography City Hearts - a Silent Book The Little Froggy's Adventures Books for Adults and Teens The Last Prophecy of Baba Vanga Time for ME Time. Color Me out of Chaos From Season to Season The Sunbrook Mansion Our Cookbook Coming Soon ... Space Letters Part 4 Wisdom from the Past Dissertations ​

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