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ABV Publishing is a full-service agency publishing new works of fiction and non-fiction from authors in Eastern Europe and the Eastern United States. Our full name and logo are derived from “AzBukiVedi”, the three first letters of an old Bulgarian alphabet.  Based in Happy Valley, Pennsylvania and founded by Bulgarian native Adelina Hristova, our publishing house bridges the gap between East and East by publishing books for readers interested in stories that are inspired by life and culture in our creators' and Adelina’s shared worldsan ocean apart but only a book away.

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Today, Hristova runs AzBukiVeri, an independent publishing company in State College she founded in January 2017.

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Education alumna's publishing company helping to make knowledge more accessible

Owner of AzBukiVeri Publishing Agency finds resources at Eric J. Barron Innovation Hub that help further mission of providing literacy for all.

Invent Penn State,

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  • The Castor Oil Rig Tales - from GoodReads and Amazon
    I recently completed reading Castor Oil Rig Tales to my 6 1/2 year old grandson. It was a wonderful experience reading him a chapter each day and then discussing the new sea creatures from that chapter. We even picked up a few French words and looked up their meanings. The book was a wonderful children’s book but it was enjoyable to me as well. Starting with the oil spill causing the sea creatures to find a new home to giving multiple examples of how the environment impacts the fish population was inspiring. From a turtle getting stuck in an oil slick to a sea horse being caught by a plastic from a six pack to a barracuda getting a fish hook stuck in his mouth, kids can learn the devastation resulting from people being careless on land and sea. There were also multiple examples of bullying and teaching kids to get along with kids with differences. These may have been getting along with different species but children are smart enough to recognize that this transfers to them getting along with friends of different races or ethnicity. I do believe this would be a great book to read for middle school science classes as well as for fun! The stories are just wonderful and there is richness with the characters and great exploration of our sea creatures. I especially enjoyed the underlying theme of helping others resulting in making your life more meaningful. This truly was a wonderful book for children as well as young adults. And A great addition to any child's book collection! Younger kids will love the beautiful illustrations by marine scientist Jessica, and older ones will enjoy reading Sue's charming tale about nature's reconquest of an abandoned oil rig. Along the way, they will learn how underwater creatures struggle to overcome the obstacles humans throw their way, and even pick up a few Cajun French phrases. Highly recommended!
  • Time for ME Time. Color Me Out of Chaos - reviews from Amazon
    I bought two copies of this book for Christmas presents: one for me, and one for a friend. I love it! I have purchased other coloring books in the past thinking that mindful coloring would ease my anxiety, but often the designs are overly complicated and just stress me out more, because they make me think I will never finish them! Time for ME Time is perfect. The artist gives you ideas on one page and lets you use your colorful imagination on the next page. Just what I need. And I can use fancy pens, pencils, or crayons or a simple #2 pencil on the ones she has started for me! The charities this book benefits are so worthy - that sealed the deal.I gave several to my brother and residents of his group home for developmentally disabled adults, and everyone loved them! Somehow these drawings struck a chord with everyone - even folks who rarely speak or are completely non-verbal responded enthusiastically and drew happily for ages - something that doesn't usually happen. I think this book is magical, and I plan to buy more of them to spread the magic. Love! And Art feeds my soul. Looking at it. Appreciating the skill and abilities of others. At times just admiring how images are laid out on canvas or a photograph. As a career IT person, Art gets me out of my head and into a space of creativity. I love this coloring book. Each page gives me great ideas for my own creative insights. Thanks, Gabrielle. For this space to create.
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